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"direct from your Ed Halicki/Bob Knepper headquarters"



"Ed (Runge), you're the second best umpire in the league. The other twenty-three are tied for first." - Carl Yastrzemski

"He's (Carl Yastrzemski) a dull, boring potato farmer from Long Island who just happened to be a great ballplayer. But he was the worst dresser in organized baseball. He made Inspector Clouseau look like a candidate for Mr. Blackwell's list of best-dressed men. He had the same London Fog raincoat during his entire career. We'd throw it in trashcans all around the league, and somehow it mysteriously made its way back." - Pitcher Bill Lee


"Why pitch nine innings when you can get just as famous pitching two?" - Sparky Lyle



"I hate all hitters. I start a game mad and I stay that way until it's over." - Don Drysdale

"Show me a guy who can't pitch inside and I'll show you a loser." - Sandy Koufax


"Saves are not easy, but I think they are easier now. I warmed up in the seventh and maybe pitched. Then in the eighth and maybe pitched. Lee Smith, Goose Gossage and I got a lot of seven-out saves." - Bruce Sutter





Here's another rare one...this time it's Larry Gura shown in Spring Training 1974. Larry was traded from the Cubs to the Rangers in October 1973 and then from the Rangers to the Yankees in May of 1974 for Duke Sims. He never appeared in a regular season game for the Rangers.


I really like the extremely rare photos like the Bill McNulty photo below. The 6'4" thirdbasemen-outfielder obviously didn't have much success at the major league level but he did stick around for awhile. He was signed by the KC A's as an amateur free agent in 1965, was traded by the A's to the Rangers in October 1972 (which brought Paul Lindblad to the A's) and then was traded to the Mets for Bill Sudakis on March 28, 1973.  That would date this photo to Spring Training of 1973.

 If anybody has his minor league stats I would be very interested in seeing them.


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09/11/2006 ADDITION

Just one addition today....Oscar Gamble on the Rangers!?! Say it ain't so Oscar! Until I ran across this one I had forgotten all about the October 1978 trade that sent him from San Diego to Texas. He batted .335 for Texas and then was traded to the Yankees for Mickey Rivers on August 1, 1979. He then batted an astounding .389 for the Yankees in the final two months of the 1979 season.



09/10/2006 ADDITION

Only one new one to display today. It's from the archives. I've begun to delve into some B&W again and this one is fantastic. I printed one up in an 11x14 the other day it came out great.


09/07/2006 ADDITIONS

I've had quite a few people contact me lately to say the love the site and the photos. I really appreciate the kind words. I've put a substantial amount of work and money into being able to present these images and it's great to know that there are others who see the value in all of this.



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